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Oil Refinery

Fuels/Oils Supply - From Major Refineries

Diesel EN590 [ULSD 10ppm]

Diesel D-500

Gasoline  92 & 95

Jet Fuel JP54 & J1

Crude Oil

We have partnered with 'Refinery Supply Partners' for the supply of Fuel & Oils direct from major Global Refineries. 

Terms & Conditions:

  • Offer of 1 month credit, where the Buyer must give a solid Bank Guarantee from a world class AAA bank .

  • Once the proof of funds are verified the refinery will block the fund equivalent to the consignment value prior to the vessel starts sailing.

  • Quantities are there at any required point of time.

  • All the deals are only through Bank to Bank.

  • If you indicate exactly the required type of oil supported by your required chemical analysis so that the refinery will match the same, and offer the CIF rate to any ASWP.


  • In view of the above pls let us have your/buyer’s requirement along with the indicative price enabling us to obtain the same or better from the Refineries.


  • Awaiting your solid ICPO in order revert.


  • For any clarifications, please call for details.

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